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A Break Is Needed

I love cars, you love cars, we all love cars! Well, that's not true since we have Greenpeace. But hey. I have posted about seventy pieces onto this blog, and I believe I am well overdue for a break. Allow me to explain why.

This blog was set up to get me 'out there'. It has been met with moderate success; a few people have noticed me which of course is better than nothing. The good thing about my blog though is that even if I don't have any car-related jobs until I'm thirty, this will still be a good referral. A sign of dedication, if you will.

But I see little to no point of doing this blog all the time. Sure, 24/7 monitoring will show more dedication, but this is a time of life where I'm very busy with A-levels just around the corner. Not to mention, I want to have other hobbies, too!

So I've decided to have a summer holiday. It might last longer than that, it might only be for a few weeks - I don't know. What I do know is that when I do return, my posts will not be as frequent as they used to be. I do not have a large enough amount of regular visitors to justify me posting here so loyally every two or three days.

I hope, wherever you are, you are having a great summer. Don't forget Three Pedals, just know I have gone into a hibernation. And of course, thank you for everyone who has supported me so far.
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